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[ROM] ColorOS 3.0 Beta for Yureka and Yureka Plus [Englishized][PORT]

ColorOS-3.0 LOGO

ColorOS 3.0 Globalized Beta ROM for Yureka and Yureka Plus [Fully Englishized] [Latest][Android Lollipop 5.1.1][ARM64][PORT]

OPPO’s ColorOS is an awesome custom Android OS forked from AOSP. This ROM is specially developed for OPPO devices and comes with many handy features which make OPPO smartphones stand out. This colorful OS comes with plenty of customization capabilities with its own online theme store. Custom touchscreen gesture is another promising feature. Nicely quoted in the official site:

“ColorOS is an OS that combines speed, efficiency and stability to bring pixels to life.”

After my MIUI 7 Global and China Developer ROM, here comes my ColorOS 3.0 Beta [Globalized] ROM for Yureka and Yureka Plus.

Color OS 3.0 (V3.0.0_160527_Beta) Globalized ROM is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and comes with many new features. Since this is Globalized Edition so there are no Chinese apps and is multilingual.

NOTE: This ColorOS ROM is not an official release for ColorOS Team/OPPO. It is just a ported ROM from OPPO R7 Plus, so don’t expect zero bug.

This ROM is based on ARM64 firmware so your device needs to be upgraded to 64 bit firmware. [Yureka/Yureka+ Cyanogen OS users can upgrade to 64 bit firmware by flashing Cyanogen OS Lollipop OTA update.]

Disclaimer: This ROM has been tested and verified to be stable for daily use but there may be some unknown bugs. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.
ColorOS 3.0 UI
ColorOS 3.0 Awesome UI


Eye Pleasing and Comfortable UI: ColorOS 3.0 comes with great new fine-tuned icons and a Single Layer Launcher for easy and smart access. (The UI resembles like that of iOS)

Great Customizations: ColorOS comes with awesome themes with its own Theme Store. It also has Lockscreen Magazine and status bar customizations.

Dirac HD Sound®: ColorOS comes with a highly integrated music player with a nice looking UI. And its Dirac HD Sound® delivers unique acoustic optimization with nice bass and an immersive multi-dimensional listening experience. Learn more about Dirac HD Sound®

Custom Gestures: ColorOS comes with seamless gesture support for a hassle free experience.

Screen-off Gestures: You can use gestures to turn on the phone or open an app or control music when your phone’s screen is off.

Screen-on Gestures: You can also use gestures for different tasks like taking screenshot, single-handed mode etc. when your phone’s screen is turned on.

Outstanding Camera: ColorOS Camera Software is the best camera software available for any android device. It is very much fine tuned to provide the best balance between quality, detail, sharpness and colors and thus provide best in type results. All thanks to OPPO’s Pure Image 3.0+ technology.

Apart from this, it also comes with many camera modes and plugins to improve your photography experience—Voice Shot, Ultra HD, Beautify, HDR, GIF,  RAW, Double Exposure and more.

So this is really a superb camera software to compliment YUREKA Plus’s superb camera hardware.

Other Exciting Features: There are many other nice features in ColorOS like Free Screenshot, Eye Protection Display, Smart Call, Easy Dial, Cover Mode etc. etc.

ColorOS 3.0 For YU YUREKA

More Features Added by Me

These are some features added by me in ColorOS 3.0 Globalized/Englishized Edition Ported ROM:
  • Added SuperSU for root access
  • Added FM Radio which was missing in the original ROM
  • Added updated GApps
  • Added Oppo Browser global edition and Oppo Swype
  • Added sound boost
  • Added Flashlight and Build.prop editor apps
  • Translated OppoMusic, Theme Store etc.
  • Fixed lower calibrated auto brightness
  • Added Eximious Kernel v8.0 for stability
  • And many tweaks here and there.


ColorOS for Yureka - Screenshot 1

ColorOS for Yureka - Screenshot 2

ColorOS for Yureka - Screenshot 3

ColorOS for Yureka - Screenshot 4

ColorOS for Yureka - Screenshot 5


ColorOS 3.0 Globalized Beta for YUREKA/YUREKA Plus

ColorOS 3.0 (v3.0_160819_Beta) ROM:

Size: 535 MB

15 Sec Boot Patch (15-Sec-Boot_ColorOS-3.0_160819)


(This will make your first boot as quick as 15 Secs and save you from first boot heating)

GAPPS for ColorOS (flash this Gapps only):

(WARNING: Don't flash any other Gapps and flash it only after first boot)

Older Versions:

ColorOS 3.0 (V3.0.0_160527_Beta) ROM:

WiFi Fix
Few users are complaining about WiFi not working; for them here is the WiFi fix:
https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24591000424942710 (flash this only when WiFi doesn't work for you)


08.09.2016 - ROM Port ColorOS 3.0 (v3.0_160819_Beta):
Fixed "Language and Input settings" FC
Fixed lag, heat etc.
Fixed Auto-brightness issues
Fixed auto killing of background apps
Fixed Camera Expert Mode
Tried to fix no WiFi bug (test and report)
Improved battery backup to a great extent
Improved Wifi speed and range
Improved audio quality (added soundboost)
Improved system stability
Decreased lower brightness value
Added Jio support
Added latest Oppo Keyboard (from global)
Added latest Oppo FM Radio (from global)
Added new Kernel Adiutor Mod
Added new Advanced Reboot
Added support for upcoming SoundMod
Added some minor but significant tweaks
Translated new Music and Theme Store app
Removed Chinese elements from Filemanager app
Updated Busybox, SuperSU etc.
Some UI improvements here and there...

Official changelog here

17.06.2016 – ROM Port Color OS 3.0 (V3.0.0_160527_Beta):
Initial release

How to Install

  1. Download the latest build of ColorOS ROM and Gapps for ColorOS (link provided) for Yureka or Yureka Plus
  2. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
  3. Wipe data, system, cache and dalvik cache from advanced wipe menu
  4. Flash ColorOS ROM
  5. Flash Gapps for ColorOS (you can flash Gapps also after first boot)
  6. Reboot (first boot may take up to 15 to 20 mins.)
  7. After boot, complete ColorOS 3.0 setup and enjoy or do the following!
NOTE: If you want to enjoy the full Englishized version of the ROM the you have to edit the build.prop as directed: change persist.sys.oppo.region=CN to persist.sys.oppo.region=US (you can use build.prop editor app for the purpose)

Bugs and Workarounds

First I have to tell you that the ROM has no major bug and is very much stable.
  • Torch icon in notification drawer is not working. So, please use the Flashlight app provided for torch. ;)
  • You may feel little lag at the beginning. But it will go after using few hours as the OS gets settled. You can also use custom kernels for better performance.
  • If you are facing slow charging issue then change kernel. But default kernel more stable.
  • ColorOS screen-off gestures not working except double-tap-to-wake. But you can use @Vishal Gohel’s GeXture App available on Google Play for more screen-off gestures.
  • Some ColorOS Camera plugins not working (like panorama etc.) due to different camera sensor in Yureka.
  • If you find your background apps are auto-killed then got to Settings >> Battery >> "Your" App >> Disable 'Freeze background apps' and 'Auto optimize...' done.
  • More bugs found?! Then please notify me.
I am working (in my free time obviously) to fix these bugs. So it may take time and please don’t repeat the bugs already mentioned here. But if you have any fix for these bugs or found any other bug, then your suggestions are very much invited.

Fix for Titanium Backup
  1. Install Busybox 42
  2. Disable 'Mount namespace separation' in SuperSU
  3. Reboot
  4. Then Titanium Backup Will work.:)
Special thanks to @blackarrow for this method.:)

Some Tips

  • The ROM may lag at the beginning since ColorOS requires some time to settle. So please give some time to it.
  • To get outstanding battery backup in standby mode, turn off wifi, data and gps.
  • You can use other custom kernels if you are not satisfied with the default kernel. One tested kernel is Velocity Kernel v. 10.2 or below (because later versions are creating problems with camera)

ViPER|Atmos™ Sony Beats Edition for ColorOS

Here is the awesome Audio Mod for ColorOS which fully compatible with it inbuilt Dirac HD Sound. Get ready for fantastic audio experience.

Dolby Atmos™
Viper Audio™
Beats Audio™

My additions
Made it compatible with ColorOS
Added fix for little sound distortion at the highest volume


ViPER|Atmos™ 5.5 Sony™ Beats™ Edition for ColorOS:

[May not work on any other ROM except ColorOS]

Special thanks to @guitardedhero (95% credit goes to him) for this awesome sound mod.
Me for porting it to ColorOS (only 5% credit to me)


Huge thanks to CyanogenMod and ColorOS Team.
Thanks to 地瓜先森 for his Chinese ColorOS 3.0 ROM for Coolpad F2 in bbs.loorin.com which helped me to solve some bugs.
Special thanks to my friend @Bishnu Prasad for  his Eximious Kernel and support


DevDB Information

ColorOS 3.0 Globalized/Englishized Beta ROM [ARM64] for YUREKA and YUREKA Plus

ROM Information

ROM Developer: Nitesh Prasad a.k.a nitesh9
ROM OS Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop (ARM64)
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: 5.0.X/5.1.1 Lollipop and up (ARM64)
Based On: ColorOS 3.0 Beta Chinese Version

Version Information

Status: Almost Stable
Current Stable Version: Color OS 3.0 (v3.0_160819_Beta)
Beta Release Date: 08.09.2016

Created 17.06.2016
Last Updated 08.09.2016

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  1. camera is freezing while taking picture and thats all the new bug i am facing and every thing else is ok no over heating or anything else video works fine.

    1. Wait for a little time. After the ROM gets settled, it will be OK.

  2. and wifi is not working your zip did not help and i am glad to say that it is fast and looking stable not lags or crash for me it it better than miui 8.

    1. For wifi try replacing the files in the zip manually using ES File Explorer (root). And thanks for compliment. :)

  3. vpn sometimes do not work where can i port this for my qaulcomm 410 phone andreo 306 phone i love this more than miui 7 even if it as less bugs

    1. You can port it from the source provided above. Just find an Opportunity device with 410 chipset. And port the Color OS 3.0 for that device. Porting guide is also given in this blog.

  4. Hard to the developer for taking immense effort but bro Wi-Fi gossip.is not working bro and what is the direction.to change it manually in.we explorer

  5. Wi-Fi fix zip.not working how to replace manually
    Thanks in advance

    1. Just extract the provided wifi fix zip and replace the files in /system according to folder hierarchy in the zip using ES File Explorer.

  6. How can I port this for Moto G3410 SoC but 32 bit.

    1. Go here: http://bbs.coloros.com/forum.php?mod=phones
      And compatible ROM from a device with similar hardware.

  7. For fis wifi and camera try to flash Eximious-v5-AIO then download colour is wifi fix.zip , extrace wifi fix zip then open zip file and system copy etc file then goto ur system and past there that's all

  8. Calling not working
    After reboot I can make only 1 call.. After that dial pad got stucked. .. And I can't call till reboot

  9. No outgoing call. Only incoming call is working.showing low network...please help

  10. I install success
    Rom not work logo treo first boot not work logo wait 1 hour boot not work please help ?


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