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About OS Busters

I am Nitesh Kumar Prasad, a GEEK and an Android developer. I am a learner and love experimenting with different devices, software and apps. I also love developing software for android devices and am a developer on XDA and YU Forums. I am an audiophile too, love good music and develop Audio Mods for superior musical experience. And I am sharing my work and experiences through this blog.

This blog came into existence on the 22nd day of March 2013. This blog is made for those people who want to know more about the tech around them. This blog was basically made to make people aware about different PC software and technical details of various related things. But eventually, with the growing popularity of smartphones, we also started discussing about Android and iOS apps. Currently, this blog also provides tutorials for Android Development. This blog also shares different Android ROMs like MIUI, ColorOS, NubiaUI etc. developed by Nitesh Prasad. We have also developed our official Custom ROM named QuarkOS™ and a sound mod popularly known as Quasar AtmoX™ Ultimate. If you are a geek or an aspiring developer you'll get what you need on this blog.

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XDA Forums: @nitesh9 | Kodular Community: @nitesh9

MIUI Forums: @nitesh9 | YU Forums: @Nitesh Prasad


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