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Qualcomm vs Mediatek : Which Smartphone Processor Should You Choose?

Why should you prefer Qualcomm over MediaTek while choosing a smartphone processor? How is Qualcomm different from MediaTek? Read through to find out...
This is the era of smartphones and smart devices. Day-by-day smartphones are getting well equipped with new and more advanced technologies. There was a day when smartphones featured only few MB's of RAM and processors with very less clock-speed. But today the scene has changed and is changing very rapidly.
The smartphones of today are much powerful with high-speed multi-core processors and large LPDDR3/ LPDDR4 RAMs. Their performance and features and now comparable to laptops and sometimes they even surpass them.
But, this rapid advancement in technology has provoked people to upgrade their smartphones. Today, smartphones have become cheaper, even people with a tight budget can get better smartphones at a reasonable price. Again for this to happen people must have some basic technical knowledge about the smartphone hardware. Becau…
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[Official] [ROM] QuarkOS™ v3.0 Stable for Yureka and Yureka Plus [LP-5.1.1][ARM64]

I am very happy to release my first version of QuarkOS for Yu Yureka and Yureka Plus. With the demand of VoLTE support for Yureka (especially after the arrival of Jio :p) and availability of YU5510A-LP VoLTE modem there was a need of a good ROM/OS which can use the modem much efficiently to provide VoLTE calling and other LTE features. So, here comes the QuarkOS™ fully designed by me. It will give the best VoLTE experience with best battery backup to Yureka users without any heating issue whatsoever.

QuarkOS™ gives you the best telephony, best UI, best sound, best performance, best battery backup, best camera performance and best ever user experience.

Disclaimer: This ROM has been tested and verified to be stable for daily use but there may be some unknown bugs. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.
Optimized Enhanced LTE Service  Fully optimized for best VoLTE calling, 4g Internet, without any unwanted battery drain and heat…

[MOD] Quasar AtmoX Ultimate Sound Mod [Official] [LP/MM/N]

After lots of research, testing and using my porting knowledge, I have finally made an ultimate sound mod which is inter-compatible with most of the AudioFX like that of CyanogenMod, Oxygen OS etc.

I have included the best sound enhancement systems in one ultimate mod called Quasar AtmoX. I am very thankful to various XDA members who shared audio libs and files from Xperia, HTC, Lenovo and other devices. I am also thankful to the devs of different sound mods Dolby Atmos®, Viper Audio, Xperia™ Audio Enhancement, HTC Beats etc.

After lot of hard work, searching, testing and help from other Sound Mod devs, I made QuasarAtmoX™ – Xperia™ Viper Atmos® – the best in industry audio mod.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your ears or phone speakers due to your carelessness or misuse of this sound mod.
Note: It is recommended to be careful while using xLoud™ at speaker mode (higher volumes for longer time may damage phone speakers). And while using head-phones be c…

How to Choose Best Headphones by Looking on Specs

How to choose best headphones on the basis specifications • Earphones Specifications Explained • How to know if headphones have good Bass, Clarity and Treble There are variety of headphones (or earphones) available that it becomes difficult for us to choose the right one that suits our purpose.

We may sometimes find that a budget headphone may give a better output than a costly one. This is because everyone’s taste is different, some people like bass and some treble, some love loud music and some people love soothing music. So every headphone may not suit everybody.

So how to choose which headphone is best for you. For that first let’s discuss the different types of headphones and their features. Later on we will discuss in detail about different specs of a headphone like frequency range, sound pressure level, impedance etc.

Types of Headphones There are basically three types of headphones.
1.On-ear HeadphonesOn-ear headphones or supra-aural headphones are those headphones which rest on…

How to Change the Icon of an Android App

There are millions of android apps in and around the web and each app has its icon. Every developer creates the icon of his app according to his suitability. But we do not find some icons interesting or they do not match to the theme of our android smartphone. So, is there any way to change those icons according to our choice?

The answer is ‘yes there is one very easy way’— APK Icon Editor.

APK Icon EditorAPK Icon Editor is an open source application by which you can edit your APK files downloaded from Google Play or from anywhere else. By using this application you can change the icon of your android app and do a lot of other things (which we’ll discuss later). APK Icon Editor also supports Kindle and Blackberry APKs. Thus, it is compatible with large number of devices. The only drawback of APK Icon Editor is that it is a Windows software so you cannot use it directly on your android device, you have to take help of your PC.

How to Change the Icon of an APK File Now let’s move on to t…

How to Dual Boot a PC

Can we use more than one Operating System on the same PC? The answer is Yes. The process is called dual booting or sometimes multi booting. When you have a multi boot configuration on your PC then while starting your PC you will see a list of installed Operating Systems from which you have to choose one in which you want to boot to. This list is called boot menu. There can be two types of dual booting: Dual booting different versions of the same Operating System (OS)Dual booting two different Operating systems
Dual booting different versions of the same Operating System (OS) Here I will take two Windows Operating Systems. Let’s take for example Windows XP and Windows 7. But before dual booting Windows XP and Windows 7, we should have the following knowledge:
Windows XP used to contain boot.ini file for making entries to the Bootloader. However, Windows 7 doesn’t contain boot.ini file, instead it contains BCD (Boot Configuration Data) file for the same.It’s better to install the latest O…