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Xiaomi Teases MIUI 9 through Screenshots – Most Likely to Release This Month

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MIUI 9 - Banner

Xiaomi may release the much awaited MIUI 9 this month. Recently, Xiaomi’s Vice President in Marketing, Huan Long posted a few screenshots of upgraded OS on the Chinese microblogging site, Weibo, hinting at the release.

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Hun had earlier confirmed that MIUI 9 would be more powerful and smooth, hinting at not many visual changes.

Official Screenshots:

MIUI 9 Official Teaser
Official Teaser Screenshots
By analyzing the screenshots of home screen UI posted on Weibo, we can say that MIUI 9 doesn’t feature many changes in UI apart from new icon design and theme. The clock widget is centered and has a different design from the previous version i.e. MIUI 8.
Also the recents window is almost same as before except the background. In MIUI 8 we got single solid color/blurred background in recents, but in MIUI 9, as shown in the screenshot clearly, the wallpaper be used as the background.

It has already been rumored that MIUI 9 will feature some awesome new features, like – split-screen multi-window mode, picture-in-picture mode, quick reply, advanced doze features to save battery life and many other tweaks.

Multi-Window Support with Split-Screen

Split-Screen Mode

Multi-window support is must for quick and easy multitasking and official Android 7.0 (AOSP) Nougat has already included it. And Split-Screen is just great for tablets and phones with larger screen. In split-screen mode we can use two applications simultaneously, by splitting the screen into two parts. It should be noted that Nubia UI has already included this feature even in older version of Android, tracing back to Kitkat!

And now Xiaomi is looking to bring this feature to its MIUI 9.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Picture in Picture Mode

It might be one of the most wanted features for MIUI fans. LG, Samsung and Nubia has already this feature. This feature lets you view multimedia in a small window at the top of the display while letting you use your current application at the same time.

When the update will release?

MIUI 9 Teaser Weibo
Teaser posted on Weibo
At the present moment it cannot be said clearly when will the new OS be released by Xiaomi. But we expect it to release this month or the next, as the rumors say. But it is sure that MIUI 9 will be coming with Android 7.0 Nougat. It is very much disappointing that Xiaomi is releasing its Android Nougat update when Google has released Android 8.0 Oreo. But still, MIUI fans are excited about the MIUI 9 release.

Xiaomi has recently published the list of 14 smartphones which will get MIUI 9 Nougat update: Mi4c, Mi4s, Mi Note, Mi Max, Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Redmi Note 4X, Mi 6, Mi Max 2, Mi 5C, Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix. And all the upcoming smartphones from Xiaomi are expected to run on MIUI 9 Nougat.

MIUI 9 Update

Also the other Xiaomi devices like Mi4i, Redmi 2 (Prime), Redmi 3, Redmi 3s (Prime), Redmi 4 etc. will get MIUI 9 update but without Android version upgrade.

And devices like OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, flagship Samsung devices, flagship Motorola devices and Nexus devices will also get MIUI 9 ports later on.

Also available on my steem blog: steemit.com

If you like my work then please UPVOTE, RESTEEM and FOLLOW.

Your suggestions and thoughts are always welcome. 

How to Choose Best Headphones by Looking on Specs

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How to choose best headphones on the basis specifications • Earphones Specifications Explained • How to know if headphones have good Bass, Clarity and Treble

There are variety of headphones (or earphones) available that it becomes difficult for us to choose the right one that suits our purpose.

We may sometimes find that a budget headphone may give a better output than a costly one. This is because everyone’s taste is different, some people like bass and some treble, some love loud music and some people love soothing music. So every headphone may not suit everybody.

So how to choose which headphone is best for you. For that first let’s discuss the different types of headphones and their features. Later on we will discuss in detail about different specs of a headphone like frequency range, sound pressure level, impedance etc.

Types of Headphones

There are basically three types of headphones.

1. On-ear Headphones

On-ear Headphone
On-ear Headphone
On-ear headphones or supra-aural headphones are those headphones which rest on the top of the ear. They are basically more light weight than over-ear headphones and are easier to carry. As they sit on the ears, there may be some leakage of sound and may not provide noise isolation as good as over-ear headphones. Sometimes they may be tight and my squeeze the ear too tightly to make it uncomfortable for you to use it for a long time. So, it is crucial to choose the correct pair that fits perfectly.

2. Over-ear Headphones

Over-ear or circum-aural headphones enclose the whole ear. So they are more comfortable for a long term usage. As they encase the entire ear, there is no leakage of sound so it gives better noise isolation. Also because of this bass is better in these type of headphones. Since they are bigger in size they are less portable than other type of headphones.

These type of headphones are further divided into two types:

Closed-Back Over-ear Headphone
Closed-Back Over-ear Headphone
Closed Back: These are most general type of circumaural headphones having the back of earcups sealed. Because of this it provides superior noise isolation and more clear audio.

Open-Back Over-ear Headphone
Open-Back Over-ear Headphone
Open Back: This type of over-ear headphones has the back of its earcups open. These type of headphones have more sound leakage but sometimes they are preferred by the audiophiles as they provide more natural sound, they feel.

3. In-ear Headphones

In-ear Headphone
In-ear Headphone
In-ear or canal headphones fit inside the ear canal. Since they fit inside the entrance of the ear, they provide better noise isolation and good quality music. These type of headphones come with different size of tips, so you need to choose the one which fits perfectly in your ear canal otherwise it may be loose and will reduce noise isolation.

These were the different types of headphones, now let’s discuss about the different technical specifications which we see on the box of headphones or on its site.

Technical Details or Specs

Frequency Range and Frequency Response

Human audible frequency range is 20Hz to 20KHz. Different headphones come with different frequency range (e.g. 17Hz – 22KHz, 20Hz – 22KHz etc.). While choosing a headphone it should be noted that lower the minimum frequency more will be the bass and higher the maximum frequency more will be the treble. And the response or output that we get at different frequencies is called frequency response. Some headphones contain a chart for frequency response. By studying the chart, we may understand about the output of the headphone.

Driver Size

Driver is the most important component of a headphone which creates the sound. It converts electrical energy into sound energy and has a diaphragm which vibrates to produce the sound. It is generally regarded that larger drivers produce better quality audio, but it is not a fixed rule. Size of a driver is measured by the diameter of the diaphragm in millimeters. So, a driver size of 40mm or above is good for an over-ear headphone. The in-ear headphones contain a driver of 8mm to 12mm. Some in-ear headphones contain two drivers, one for handling bass and other for mid and high frequencies. And some premium in-ear headphones contain even more than two drives.


Impedance is the electrical resistance produced by a headphone. It is measured in Ohms. Headphones with higher impedance require more power. So, impedance is generally less (below 32 Ohms) in headphones designed for mobile devices. So, headphones for mobile devices use a low voltage and require a high current which sometimes creates a hissing sound. On the other hand, high-end headphones have a higher impedance (above 300 Ohms) which produces clear sound but require a dedicated amplifier to power them.
In some cases, impedance mismatch may also create sound distortions and noise. So, higher impedance headphones should not be used with smartphones and low end headphones should not be used with high-end audio systems and amplifiers.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

In some headphones we may find some sound distortions at higher volume levels. This happen when the diaphragm could not vibrate as fast as required at higher volumes. This creates a sound distortion called Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Most headphones have THD of less than 1%. Lower the THD better will be the sound output at higher volumes. So, many premium headphones have a THD of 0.5% or sometimes even up to 0.1%.

Sensitivity and Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

Sensitivity of a headphone may be described as its efficiency. Sound Pressure Level indicates the loudness of a headphone. SPL is measured in Decibel SPL per milliWatt. The SPL of most headphones is in the range of 85 – 120 dB SPL/mW. So, higher the Sound Pressure Level of a headphone, louder will be its sound output.

Noise Cancellation

Some headphones have noise cancellation technology. They have a dedicated microphone which records the ambient noise, then creates an inverse sound wave and feed it back into the headphones to effectively cancel out the noise. It works best for constant low frequency noise (like sound of the engine of an aeroplane) but does not work for higher frequency noise (like people talking around).

Noise Isolation

Noise Isolation means blocking external noise by the physical design of the headphone. As we have already discussed before, noise isolation is higher in in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones with closed back.

So how to make the choice?

Understanding a headphone configuration is a much complicated task. But still we may try to find the headphones that best suits our purpose by taking into account the above factors, our environment and the type of music we love to hear. People’s review of the headphone may also become an important factor affecting your decision.

What headphones do you use? How do you choose a headphone?
Did you like the article?
Let me know from the comment below.

Thanks. :)

[MOD] Quasar AtmoX Ultimate Sound Mod [Official] [LP/MM/N]

Quasar-Atmox Banner

After lots of research, testing and using my porting knowledge, I have finally made an ultimate sound mod which is inter-compatible with most of the AudioFX like that of CyanogenMod, Oxygen OS etc.

I have included the best sound enhancement systems in one ultimate mod called Quasar AtmoX. I am very thankful to various XDA members who shared audio libs and files from Xperia, HTC, Lenovo and other devices. I am also thankful to the devs of different sound mods Dolby Atmos®, Viper Audio, Xperia™ Audio Enhancement, HTC Beats etc.

After lot of hard work, searching, testing and help from other Sound Mod devs, I made QuasarAtmoX™ – Xperia™ Viper Atmos® – the best in industry audio mod.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your ears or phone speakers due to your carelessness or misuse of this sound mod.

Note: It is recommended to be careful while using xLoud™ at speaker mode (higher volumes for longer time may damage phone speakers). And while using head-phones be careful with Dolby’s Volume Leveler.


Xperia Music + Sony Sound Enhancement

Sony A E

Technologies Included:

  • ClearAudio+
  • Xperia™ Equalizer
  • Dynamic normalizer
  • Surround Sound (VPT) [Studio | Club | Concert Hall]
  • Clear Stereo
  • Clear Phase™
  • xLOUD™
  • S-Force Front Surround

Quasar Atmox SS1

Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Atmos transports you into the story with moving audio that flows all around you with breathtaking realism.

Dolby Atmos

Quasar Atmox SS3

ViPER’s Audio

It is the ultimate sound control mod. QuasarAtmox™ includes the best and latest ViPER4Android FX v2.5.0.5.


Note: If you feel some complications while using Viper with other Audio FX then enable 'FX Compatible Mode' from Viper's menu.

Quasar Additions

After these best Audio Enhancement Technologies if anything left is completed by Quasar™ Additions which includes:
  • Beats Audio™
  • Dirac HD
  • Deep Buffer
  • Extra Bass + Optimized Audio
  • Inter-compatibility with other AudioFX like CM AudioFX, MAXXAudio etc.
Beats Audio

How to Install

  1. Download the latest build of QuasarAtmox Ultimate Sound Mod
  2. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
  3. Flash QuasarAtmox Ultimate Sound Mod (You may wipe caches if required)
  4. Reboot 


QuasarAtmoX™ v3.0 Stable (LP/MM/N)


Size: 34.5 MB

Note: Your /system should have at least 60 MB free to flash this mod.

QuasarAtmoX™  Uninstaller


Older Builds:

QuasarAtmoX™ v1.0 Stable (LP/MM/N)


WAVES MaxxAudio® [Only for Marshmallow]

MaxxAudio MM

*Recommended for Marshmallow users

Download MaxxAudio® (Marshmallow)https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=817550096634776811

WAVES MaxxAudio® [Only for Lollipop]

*Recommended for Lollipop users

Download MaxxAudio® (Lollipop) : https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/mod-maxxaudio-lenovo-vibeui-3-0-t3277530

Thanks to @androidexpert35 for porting it. :)

Viper Audiophile Profile

To use the Audiophile™ Profile, extract the Audiophile Quasar Profile zip and merge the 
/ViPER4Android folder into the directory where /ViPER4Android/Profile/Stock exists.

Possible location paths are:

Download Audiophile™ Profilehttps://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298964247


QuasarAtmoX™ v3.0 Stable [15.06.2017]

Improved stability
Added maximum compatibility (now it modifies audio_effects.conf file instead of replacing it)
Fully compatible with existing stock AudioFx/Equalizer of MIUI, ColorOS, AmigoOS, LineageOS etc.
Fixed music visualizer not working in some ROMs
Updated Viper4Android to v2.5.0.5
Improved performance of Dolby Atmos
Added Xperia X sound procesing
Added LDAC™
Ported Dirac HD Audio from MIUI
Improved resampler quality
Improved Bass
Improved Treble
Improved Clarity
Fixed sound distortions in some ROMs
Removed Xperia MusicFX app as it was incompatible with most of the ROMs
Added MaxxAudio as an add-on
Cleaned obsolete Xperia apps
Added latest Xperia Music
Now comes with an uninstaller
And with new add-ons

QuasarAtmoX™ v1.0 Stable [12.10.2016]

Initial release


[XDA Members]
Thanks to @viper520 & @zhuhang for the glorious ViPER4Android™.
Thanks to @worstenbrood for the Dolby Atmos™
Thanks to @androidexpert35 for some Xperia Audio Enhancement files
Thanks to @XpRoPhEtX2015 for MaxxAudio [MM]
Thanks to @Viper4713 for the Material v4a apk's.
Thanks to @guitardedhero for Z5 Premium MM files and others
Thanks to @alone_in_dark For his White sound enhancement port

[YU Forum Members]
Thanks to my testing team:


DevDB Information

QuasarAtmoX™ v3.0 Stable (LP/MM/N)

MOD Information

Developer: Nitesh Prasad a.k.a nitesh9
MOD Firmware Required:  Android 5.0.x/5.1.x/6.0.x/7.0.x and up
Based On: Dolby Atmos, Sony Sound Enhancement, Viper4Android and others

Version Information

Status: Stable
Current Beta Version: QuasarAtmoX™ v3.0 Stable
Release Date: 12.10.2016

MIUI 8 Marshmallow ROM for Yureka and Yureka Plus [Patchrom Based]

MIUI 8 Logo

The new version of MIUI is indeed colorful with its redesigned beautiful UI. System app like Dialer, Calendar, Contacts are more colorful and the color tones used are more refreshing. The notification shade now offers a much more dynamic experience, with core functions exposed and hidden through delicate scrolling. The system UI is now smoother and battery backup is much improved. Many new features are also added.

This MIUI 8 Beta PatchROM is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This Custom ROM is built from Official MIUI 8 Patchrom which is fully translated into English and is multilingual. Thus, this MIUI 8 is actually a Global version with features of China Developer build.

Remember this MIUI 8 ROM is not an official release from MIUI team so don’t expect zero bug.

Disclaimer: This ROM has been tested and verified to be stable for daily use but there may be some unknown bugs. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.

What’s New in MIUI 8?

The brand new MIUI 8 comes with many new features:
  • New redesigned colorful UI and fonts, and a new notification shade which comes with weather information, search bar etc.
  • New MIUI 8 Gallery, Wallpaper Carousel, Scanner, Camera, Calculator, Notes and many more.
  • Spam/scam message detection
  • System optimized for power saving and app management, so more power and smoother user experience. It also comes with new Power Saving Mode.
  • Second Space – this is just like making a second account in Windows PC where you can keep different apps, photos and files and every setting will be different i.e. just like a different phone!!
  • Cloned Apps – using this feature you can clone apps like WhatsApp, Hike etc. and use two different WhatsApp etc. with different accounts on the same phone.
  • Screenshot preview and Long Screenshot
  • Touch assistant for shortcuts anywhere
  • Power checker, AppInvisible, Image Editor, Video Editor, Marking tool and many more…
MIUI 8 Features

Features Added by Me

  • Added Color Control
  • Enabled Color Enhancement
  • Added Live Display
  • Enabled screen-off gestures 
  • Super bright display
  • Added LCD density settings
  • Enable/Disable hardware keys
  • Control vibrator intensity
  • Customize notification light and battery light
  • VoLTE supported
  • Inbuilt Root (using Security app)
  • Inbuilt Gapps
  • Added Screencast
  • Added Snap camera
  • Added Search in statusbar
  • Indian Theme Manager
  • Flat icons for third-party apps
  • Fine tuned Camera with all filters
  • Enable MIUI Dirac Sound
  • Added WAVES MaxxAudio®
  • Added Proximity Calibrate
  • Supports NTFS and exFAT file systems (first time in MIUI)
  • Supports all MM supported kernel for tomato
  • Few optimizations and bug-fixes


MIUI-8 Screenshot 1

MIUI-8 Yureka Second-Space

How to Install

  1. Download the latest build of MIUI 8 ROM for Yureka or Yureka Plus
  2. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
  3. Wipe data, system, cache and dalvik cache from advanced wipe menu
  4. Flash MIUI 8 ROM
  5. Reboot (first boot may take up to 10 to 15 mins.)


MIUI 8 v7.5.18 (Android 6.0.1) Beta PatchROM for Yureka and Yureka Plus


Size: 797.3 MB

Gapps are included in the ROM

Bugs And Workarounds

No Signal/SIM icon on Statusbar when using dual SIMs
It is just a SystemUI bug, SIMs are actually working. This is a bug of MIUI PatchROM source so cannot be fixed from my side. :D

Workaround: Just change the default SIM for Data through settings or use the provided FixSignal app.

Cannot set up pattern lock in Second Space (though PIN and Password lock works)
This is a bug of MIUI PatchROM source so cannot be fixed from my side.

Workaround: Use PIN or Password

PTP not working (MTP works though)
No fix yet.

Some Tips

How to get global Music app and MIUI Browser?
Ans.: You have to edit the build.prop.
Change "ro.product.mod_device=tomato" to "ro.product.mod_device=tomato_global"
Note: This will also reduce some features of developer ROM like Root access, Quick search etc.

How to enable on-screen Navigation Bar?
Ans.: You have to edit the build.prop.
Change "qemu.hw.mainkeys=1" to "qemu.hw.mainkeys=0" and reboot.
Then go to Settings > Other Settings > Disable hardware buttons


Huge thanks to LineageOS and MIUI Team.
Special thanks to sir @Prince Paul, without your help and suggestion this was not possible.
Special thanks to @#Rohan for his help and suggestions.
Special thanks to @SK83 (Soubhik) for stable LineageOS 13.
Special thanks to @a136fei (from Team XTS) , a Chinese dev and friend of mine, without you I could not make the ROM boot.
Special thanks to @XpRoPhEtX2015 for the awesome MaxxAudio® port.
Also special thanks to @wuxianlin, @linhphi9x94, @GuaiYiHu and @garyyiu2015 for their awesome work on MIUI Patchrom from which I learnt a lot.

Also a heartly thanks to my testing team:
@sain (a.k.a. @sain25)
@siddhantarekar21@ (aka @Siddhant0912)
@sanchit rohilla
@Shree Gowtham
@The_Guy (a.k.a. @_ghost)
@Prashant Maheshwari


DevDB Information

MIUI 8 Marshmallow PatchROM [ARM64] for YUREKA and YUREKA Plus

ROM Information

ROM Developer: Nitesh Prasad a.k.a nitesh9
ROM OS Version: 6.0.1 Marshmallow (ARM64)
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: 5.0.X/5.1.1 Lollipop and up (ARM64)
Based On: MIUI 8 MM PatchROM

Version Information

Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: MIUI 8 v7.5.18 MM PatchROM
Beta Release Date: 18.05.2017

[Official] [ROM] QuarkOS™ v3.0 Stable for Yureka and Yureka Plus [LP-5.1.1][ARM64]

QuarkOS Banner

I am very happy to release my first version of QuarkOS for Yu Yureka and Yureka Plus. With the demand of VoLTE support for Yureka (especially after the arrival of Jio :p) and availability of YU5510A-LP VoLTE modem there was a need of a good ROM/OS which can use the modem much efficiently to provide VoLTE calling and other LTE features. So, here comes the QuarkOS™ fully designed by me. It will give the best VoLTE experience with best battery backup to Yureka users without any heating issue whatsoever.

QuarkOS™ gives you the best telephony, best UI, best sound, best performance, best battery backup, best camera performance and best ever user experience.

Disclaimer: This ROM has been tested and verified to be stable for daily use but there may be some unknown bugs. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.


Optimized Enhanced LTE Service 
Fully optimized for best VoLTE calling, 4g Internet, without any unwanted battery drain and heating issues.

Best of Xperia™ apps and features
The ROM incorporates the best of Xperia apps from Xperia X and Z5 Premium and gives the ROM a premium feel. It also comes with some of the best Xperia features like Xperia camera add ons and plugins, widgets, Xperia live wallpapers, ringtones and lot more.

Quark™ Fluid UI
ROM's UI is very creatively designed to give the best user experience without compromising the performance of the ROM. Much work has been done on touchscreen responsiveness and smoothness of interface. It also includes beautifully designed wallpapers and icons to give a supreme look and feel to your phone.

Quark UI gives you a feel of Android N (Noughat), though it is based on Lollipop 5.1.1.

QuarkOS 3.0 Fluid UI

QuarkOS v1.0

Quark™ extended features
QuarkOS also includes some remarkable features like colour enhancement and Xperia™ Image Enhancement technology.
It supports smart gestures as well as screen off gestures.
Yureka camera has been fine tuned to provide best pics even in low light.
It also includes other features like install apps directly to SD card, button setting, adblocker etc.

Quasar™ Atmox Maxx® Sound
QuarkOS is powered by Quasar Atmox Ultimate Sound System Maxx Edition. You’ll definitely feel the difference.

This version of Quasar Atmox SE includes:
Dolby Atmos®
Viper’s Audio
Xperia™ Music + visualizer
Deep buffer + Sony beats effect
xLOUD and Clear Audio+
Sony hi-res resampler
Quasar additions
Quasar AtmoX 2.0 Sound

Best Camera Quality
QuarkOS™ packs in it the best Xperia camera addons and apps with Image Enhancement Technology. It comes with original CoolUI camera which gives an outstanding performance for Yureka.

Quark™ Supreme Optimizations
Quark™ optimizations gives you the best battery backup even with WiFi and LTE services always turned on. Performance has also been optimized for quick response and easy multitasking.

More Screenshots from QuarkOS v2.0

QuarkOS™ 3.0 New Features

QuarkOS 3.0 New Features

Quasar Visualizer

How to Install

  1. Download the latest build of QuarkOS ROM
  2. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
  3. Wipe data, system, cache and dalvik cache from advanced wipe menu
  4. Flash the QuarkOS ROM
  5. Flash Yureka VoLTE Modem (*optional | if you are using AOSParadox or any other VoLTE ROM then no need of this step)
  6. Reboot (It may take up to 15 mins for the first boot.)
  7. After the ROM boots, complete the setup and then open Settings >> Quark™ Additions >> Quark™ Customizations and then open all the sub-settings one by one to fix a Settings default value glitch. (Only for QuarkOS™ 3.0)
(N.B. If you facing VoLTE problems then make your first boot with JIO sim)


QuarkOS v3.0 Official Stable (Android 5.1.1) ROM for Yureka and Yureka Plus


Size: 773.8 MB

Note: Gapps and SuperSU are included in the ROM

Older Versions:

QuarkOS v2.0 Official Stable (Android 5.1.1) ROM for Yureka and Yureka Plus

Size: 787.8 MB

QuarkOS v1.0 Official Stable (Android 5.1.1) ROM for Yureka and Yureka Plus
Size: 815.5 MB

Bug Fix for QuarkOS v1.0
SystemUI Quick Settings Detail Header UI Distortion Fix (by @Sanjeet990):
(Special thanks to @Sanjeet990 for this SystemUI fix :) )

1080P Bootanimation Patch for Yureka Plus:

VoLTE Modem (Recovery Flashable):
Non-VoLTE Modem (Recovery Flashable):


QuarkOS v3.0 Official Stable (13.03.16)

 - Improved performance and SOT
  • Added GovTuner
     • Added mpdecision tweaks
     • Removed loadshifter mod as it was not working well
      • Added Quark Optimization Engine (init.d)
  + fstrim cache, data and system on boot
  + governer optimization
  + process tweaks
           + zipalign on boot
 - Improved camera performance
 - Removed AR Fun and Info Eye camera add-ons (you can easily download them from apkmirror)
 - Changed clock and calendar
 - Fixed illegible SMS text issue
 - Improved Quark Fluid UI (now more colorful)
 - Themed package installer
 - Modded Light Manager app to fully support QuarkOS
 - Now supports unlimited notification led colors
 - Added dark clock widget
 - Fixed low button backlight issue
 - Improved screen brightness
 - Added system app remover in settings (much demanded)
 - Fully fixed no ringtone and message tone issue
 - Added ambient display (much demanded)
 - Added HeadsUp enable/disable and timeout settings
 - Removed Pie Control, App Sidebar (obsolete)
 - Removed app autostarter (confusing app for newbies, users can download from playstore)
 - Improved Image Enhancement for ARM64 architechture
 - Removed some live wallpapers (less used)
 - Added QuasarAtmoX™ v2.0 Ultimate Edition
  • Updated Viper's Audio to v2.5.0.5
  • Improved Dolby performance
  • Improved Xperia audio and resampling
 - Added Quasar Lockscreen Music Visualizer (awesome)
  • Circular Bars
  • Vibrating Line
  • Top Bottom Visualization
  • Circular Wave
  • Colored Bars (with lava lamp)
  • Cyanogenmod style

 - Added Quark™ Customizations
  • Statusbar
  + Four Battery Icon styles to choose (Quark, Xperia, Circle and AOSP)
  + Right and Left clock positions
  + Change Wifi icon color
  + Change signal cluster color (separately for each SIM)
  + Show/Hide Notification icons
  + Double tap to sleep (toggle)
  • Navbar
  + Enable/Disable Navigation bar
  + Enable/Disable navbar 3 dot menu button
  + Hardware button backlight control (enable, disable, enable when screen on)
  • Lockscreen
  + Analog Clocks (Standard, Sony, Quark)
  + Vertical Clocks (Quark, Xperia various styles)
  + Horizontal Clocks (Quark, Xperia various styles)
  + Enable/Disable Alarm text
  + Enable/Disable Lockscreen Album Art (while music playback)
  + Enable/Disable Carrier text (Only SIM1, Only SIM2, both, none)
  + Color Carrier text (separately for each SIM)
  • SystemUI
  + Enable/Disable Statusbar Ticker Notification (soft reboot required)
  + Show/Hide brightness slider in notification panel
  + Color recents clear button
  • Fonts
  + Used best font changing app
 - Updated MiXplorer
 - Updated Gapps
 - Updated other apps (Music, Gboard, Light Manager etc.)
 - Added Podcast to Music
 - Added MIUI Calculator
 - Added QuarkOS™ wallpaper collection
 - Added minimalist launcher (Evie)
  • iOS like unified search
  • Pixel minimal design
  • Icon Pack Support
  • Gestures
  • And lot more
 - Removed move app to SD Card settings (didn't work properly)
 - Fixed some UI glitches
 - Revamped 'About ROM' section in settings
 - Improved stability
 - And many small things here and there.

QuarkOS v2.0 Official Stable (18.12.16)

- Fixed UI glitches and distortions
- Tweaked power usage so no bootloops now
- Added new smart gestures
- Added OmniSwitch and Pie Control
- Added DPI control
- Added material power menu with APM
- Added app sidebar
- Added network traffic monitor
- Added OxygenOS camera support
- Added zipalign, init.d scripts and build.prop tweaks
- Added loadshifter mod
- Added dynamic navbar mod
- Added new FM Radio
- Added conference call support
- Added button backlight controller
- Added conference call support
- Added Boost+
- RRO Layers supported
- Humongous battery backup
- Changed launcher with themes support
- Changed keyboard to Gboard
- Removed some less useful apps
- Removed no sim icon from statusbar
- Improved Quark Fluid UI
- Added flat design with Pixel navbar
- New workaround for LED notification
- Improved camera performance
- Improved overall performance
- Fixed Call recording
- Fixed Visualizer
- Fixed Calender sync
- Fixed Smart Control
- Fixed no ringtone issue
- Fixed About ROM settings
- Fixed Sony Clock widget fonts
- Added MuViz
- Added new Clock, Calendar and other apps
- Added fstrim
- Updated apps
- New bootanimation
- And lot more...discover yourself

Apps Removed in QuarkOS 2.0:
Sticker Creator: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonymobile.androidapp.cameraaddon.stickercreator
Motion Shot: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sony.motionshot
AR Fun: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonymobile.androidapp.cameraaddon.arfun
Social Live: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bambuser.sociallive
Info-eye™: http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/sony-mobile-communications/info-eye/info-eye-1-9-09-release/info-eye-1-9-09-android-apk-download/
(You can download these apps from the links provided if you like)

QuarkOS v1.0 Official Stable (20.11.16)

- Initial release...


Users who are not able to get VoLTE and Video Calling in this ROM or any other ROM check out this thread by @Sanjeet990 -


Mods for QuarkOS™ 2.0

Some supported Xperia/Asus apps you can download:

Xperia Home
Xperia Keyboard
Xperia Calendar
Xperia Sketch
Xperia Movie Creator
More Xperia Apps

Asus SuperNote

H2OS Launcher


OxygenOS Camera


Enable/Disable Dynamic Navbar Mod


Flash "QuarkOS_Navbar-Enable.zip" to enable the navbar >> Reboot >> Open Display settings >> Key backlight control >> Check "Lock off bklight"

How to disable?? -- It's your common sense. Don't ask me... :p

FAQ for QuarkOS™

Q. How to enable led notifications for apps when phone is not docked?

Ans: Open the provided Light Manager app from the app drawer >> Give it notification access when prompted >> Add your favourite app >> Check "Enable" >> Change Flash Rate to "None" >> Color to Red or Green >> Done.

Q. How to enable double tap to wake?

Ans: Go to Settings >> Smart control >> Wake-up gesture >> Enable Wake-up gesture >> Check "Double-tap to Wake"

Q. How to enable double tap to sleep?

Ans: Go to Settings >> Smart control >> Buttons >> Double tap action >> Turn screen off. After this double tapping the home key will sleep the screen.

Q. How to use GovTuner in QuarkOS 3.0?

Ans: Install Terminal Emulator app and open it. Use the following commands one by one:
Then select your desired profile from the list (Battery | Balanced | Performance)

Q. How to enable Google Search widget in recents in QuarkOS 3.0?

Ans: In QuarkOS 3.0 you may find that Google Search widget has been removed from recents screen. This happened because Google Search got embarrassed because of awesome unified search widget of Evie, just kidding :p

So, to get it back install Google Now launcher (or any other) and then make it default and disable Evie launcher from Settings.

Then reboot your device. You will see that Google search in recents will come back happily.

Then you can revert back to Evie launcher.

Bugs and Workarounds

Known bug: Led notification light not working for notifications when charger is not connected. [But works with USB plugged]

Workaround: Use Light Flow Pro app (or LED Blinker app) to set led notification for your favourite app. Set the LED to “Always on”.

Limitation: Since the ROM is fully based on AOSP, there is no native support for NTFS and exFAT file systems.

Workaround: Use Paragon NTFS, ExFAT Mounter app from Google Play.

Some Tips

The ringtones are set to 'none' by default. So select your favourite ringtone after flashing. ("Sound picker " app is preferred)
Use Xperia Camera Widget to access all the Camera addon apps.


Huge thanks to YU Televentures and Coolpad
Special thanks to Sony
Special thanks to HTC Corporation
Special thanks to ASUS
Special thanks to Temasek
Special thanks to CyanogenMod
Special thanks to Hexagon Team
Special thanks to Evie Labs Inc.
Special thanks to OmniROM
Special thanks to AOSParadox for base Wallpaper app
Special thanks to @venkat kamesh for his awesome mods and guides
Special thanks to @Shoaib05 for kernel and loadshifter mod
Special thanks to @Sanjeet990 for various help
Special thanks to @androidexpert35
Special thanks to @xperiaz2
Special thanks to @manis99
Special thanks to @diyun for iFont
Special thanks to @HootanParsa for MixPlorer
Special thanks to @Debuffer for Gov-Tuner
Special thanks to @Adi Aisiteru Reborn for visualizer
Special thanks to @noname81 for LMT launcher
Special thanks to @chornerman_studio for DPI Changer
Special thanks to @zst123 for multiwindow sidebar
Special thanks to @gohel.vishal for Gexture
Special thanks to QuarkOS™ Official Group
Also thanks to other various YU Forum/XDA members who apparently helped me :)

A heartily thanks to my testing team:
@sain (a.k.a. @sain25)
@Shree Gowtham
@Prasoon Mehra (a.k.a. @prasoonmehra)
@The_Guy (a.k.a. @_ghost)
@Prashant Maheshwari


Kernel Source: https://github.com/Shoaib0597/Velocity_MSM8916
ROM Source: YU Official VoLTE Firmware for YU5510A-LP

For Devs and Advanced Users

After hours of hardwork I have finally made patchable source of QuarkOS. Here it is:


This source contains all the history of methods that I used to make the ROM.

Now Devs of different devices can try making with different bases like MM, N, MIUI, Lineage etc.

Now users can know the secret of making ROMs by modding. And there's lot to learn.

I hope to see QuarkOS for other devices too. :)

DevDB Information

QuarkOS v3.0 Stable ROM [ARM64] for YUREKA and YUREKA Plus

ROM Information

ROM Developer: Nitesh Prasad a.k.a nitesh9
ROM OS Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop (ARM64)
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: 5.0.x/5.1.x/6.0.x Marshmallow and up (ARM64)
Based On: YU5510A AOSP ROM (Official)

Version Information

Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: QuarkOS v3.0 Stable ROM
Release Date: 13.03.2017