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EasyBCD : Most reliable way to Dual Boot


EasyBCD is a free BCD (Boot Configuration Data)/Boot Menu editing software. It is very user friendly and you can add any entry manually to the BCD file or bootloader. It is laden with lots of features which are available only in other paid software. It is the best software to dual boot or multi boot your PC.

Its Features

  • Adds entry to the boot menu.
  • Can make default any of the operating systems installed on your pc.
  • Can be used to edit other boot options.
  • Can boot any file from the memory or external drive.
  • Supports Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.


Tutorials to use EasyBCD

How to make entry for any OS in BCD or Bootloader:
Start EasyBCD >> Click on Add New Entry tab >> Under Operating Systems select the OS you want to add to the boot menu >> Mark Automatically detect correct drive or you can choose the drive manually >> Click on Add Entry button.
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EasyBCD-add entry

How to make any OS default in the Bootloader or Boot Menu:
Start EasyBCD >> Click on Edit Boot Menu tab >> Mark the Operating System under Default >> Click on Save Settings button.

EasyBCD-OS Default

How to backup your BCD:
Backup your BCD before making any changes to it.
Start EasyBCD >> Click on BCD Backup/Repair tab >> Under Backup and Restore Bootloader Settings select the destination folder to save the BCD >> Click Backup Settings button.

EasyBCD-BCD backup

If you get any problem in following the above steps then please comment. You can also go through my another post: How to Dual Boot a PC.

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