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How to Run Android Apps and Games on Windows PC using Windroy

Now all Windows users can run Android Apps and Games on their PC for free by using Windroye. This software is designed to provide all the features of Android 4.4.2 Kitkat right on your Windows PC.

This software is developed by a company named Beijing Windroy Technology Co. which was established in 2013. This project aims at running Android natively on Windows without emulation. This software is very user friendly and supports all the features of Android OS. This software supports multiple resolutions and user interface is just like Android. This software supports Keyboard and Mouse as input device and doesn’t need a touchscreen input to use it. Windroye works on a virtual machine and has better app compatibility as compared to other emulators. Windroye also allows users to use their Android device as wireless remote or joystick for enhanced experience. If the users use their Android phones as remote for Windroye then the desktop application can use the touchscreen and sensors of the An…

How to Run JAVA Mobile Games & Apps on Windows PC

If you want to try your JAVA games before installing them then you can do this on your Windows PC. It is possible to run JAVA J2ME Apps and Games on your Windows PC by using KEmulator. This software is a mobile game emulator which can emulate java mobile games and apps of ‘jar format’ on your Windows PC. It supports OpenGL Graphics Acceleration and MIDP 2.0. It uses the java plugin (JAVA Runtime Environment) installed in your PC to run these java applications. So it is important that the latest version of JAVA JRE (also called JAVA Runtime Environment) should be installed on your PC. If not, then you can download JAVA JRE from below links: Java Runtime Environment Latest Version (32-bit) Java Runtime Environment Latest Version(64-bit)
You can download the latest version of KEmulator for your Windows PC from the download link given below: Free download KEmulator Latest Version Size: 2.51MB Minimum System Requirements for KEmulatorOperating System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Wi…

How to Run Android Games and Apps on Windows PC

If you are an Android Fan and want to run your favorite Android applications on your Windows PC then you have come to the right place. Running Android games and apps on Windows PC is now possible by using the software: BlueStacks App PlayerYouwaveRunning Android Applications using BlueStacks App PlayerBlueStacks is company developing software to bring Android applications right on your desktop PC. BlueStacks has developed its latest App Player which works on its “LayerCake” technology and can run Android apps and games in full screen and windowed mode with full compatibility to most of the Android games and apps. It has won the Best Software Award at CES 2012 and after. The software allows you to run your Android apps and games right on your desktop PC that you might enjoy on your Android smartphone or tablet.

BlueStacks App Player comes with some preloaded Android apps and millions are available for download from Google Play in it. It also allows you to sync apps from your smartphone o…

IOBIT Advanced System Care: An application that speeds up your PC to its Limit

IOBIT Advanced System Care is packed with a lot of advanced tools that can fully clean and tweak your Windows PC to its ultimate performance. It has one click optimize feature. It has the following facilities:


Malware Removal: Removes any malware present in your PC. A malware can harm your PC and make it slow.

Privacy Sweep: It means it clears your browser cache.

Internet Boost: Boosts up your internet by stopping irrelevant programs that use internet data.

Registry Defrag: It defrags the fragmented data in your windows registry which can slow down your computer. When you install any software it also gets added to the registry of your PC.

Security Defense: It downloads some important updates which are required for the security of your PC. It works only when internet connection is available.

Vulnerability Fix: It is also somewhat similar to Security Defense but it is different in the sense that it minimizes the vulnerability of your PC towards viruses or any outer harmful attacks. It als…

How to Run Android Games and Apps on Mac OS X

Now Mac users can also experience Android on their Mac OS X. Now BlueStacks App Player also supports Mac OSX. So don’t wait, just download the latest version of BlueStacks App Player and enjoy your favourite Android Applications right on your Mac OS X.

BlueStacks, company developing software to bring thousands of Android applications right on your desktop PC has released its latest version which also supports Mac OS X. It works on LayerCake technology which has made it possible. This software has won the Best Software Award at CES 2012. It also allows you to sync apps from your smartphone or tablet to your Mac PC. You can enjoy those Android apps also on your PC that you have purchased for your Android device. This software also has a virtual accelerometer support which can be controlled by the arrow keys of the keyboard. So this software is just an Android emulator for your Mac OS X PC. Minimum System RequirementsMac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10 or later Intel only Advantages Runs most …

How to run PSX (PlayStation 1) Games on Windows Phone

We all like PlayStation games, but not all of us have Sony PlayStation to run them. But now we can enjoy our favorite PlayStation game on our Windows Phone by the use of an app called FPseCE. The name of this app, FPseCE is short form of First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE. As the name reveals this app is a PSXemulator for Windows Mobile (formerly known as Windows CE). Previously this app was not so popular due to the lack of powerful processor. With the entry of the devices like HTC HD2 with powerful processor the use of FPSece increased and its very popular now. Now the developers of FPseCE has also developed a similar app, named FPse for Android devices. Minimum System Requirements To run PSX games on your Windows Mobile you need the following things:Enough free space in your SD Card or any other storage device you use in your deviceFast Processor (at least 800 MHz for better performance)Enough device memoryAdvantages Customizable transparent on-screen controllerMultitouch suppo…

How to Dual Boot a PC

Can we use more than one Operating System on the same PC? The answer is Yes. The process is called dual booting or sometimes multi booting. When you have a multi boot configuration on your PC then while starting your PC you will see a list of installed Operating Systems from which you have to choose one in which you want to boot to. This list is called boot menu. There can be two types of dual booting: Dual booting different versions of the same Operating System (OS)Dual booting two different Operating systems
Dual booting different versions of the same Operating System (OS) Here I will take two Windows Operating Systems. Let’s take for example Windows XP and Windows 7. But before dual booting Windows XP and Windows 7, we should have the following knowledge:
Windows XP used to contain boot.ini file for making entries to the Bootloader. However, Windows 7 doesn’t contain boot.ini file, instead it contains BCD (Boot Configuration Data) file for the same.It’s better to install the latest O…

How to Change the Icon of an Android App

There are millions of android apps in and around the web and each app has its icon. Every developer creates the icon of his app according to his suitability. But we do not find some icons interesting or they do not match to the theme of our android smartphone. So, is there any way to change those icons according to our choice?

The answer is ‘yes there is one very easy way’— APK Icon Editor.

APK Icon EditorAPK Icon Editor is an open source application by which you can edit your APK files downloaded from Google Play or from anywhere else. By using this application you can change the icon of your android app and do a lot of other things (which we’ll discuss later). APK Icon Editor also supports Kindle and Blackberry APKs. Thus, it is compatible with large number of devices. The only drawback of APK Icon Editor is that it is a Windows software so you cannot use it directly on your android device, you have to take help of your PC.

How to Change the Icon of an APK File Now let’s move on to t…

How to Install MMX 352G Modem Drivers in Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10

Micromax MMX 352G is a very good plug and play 3G USB Modem and can give upto 7.2 mbps downlink. The modem supports the Operating Systems Windows 7/Vista/XP           Linux Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04Mac OSX 10.6 (Intel system only) But with the release of Windows 8 and later versions, the upgraded Windows users are facing some problems with this modem. The modem Micromax MMX 352G is not working on Windows 8 and later due to its incompatibility. The modem drivers are not installed on Windows 8. But don't worry, because I am going to share a trick with you by which you can use your MMX 352G 3G USB Modem on your Windows 8 or Windows8.1 or Windows 10 PC.

This trick also works with other models of Micromax 3G USB Modems:
Micromax MMX 353G
Micromax MMX 355G
Micromax MMX 377G
Micromax MMX 144F and more...
Steps to Install The Modem Drivers in Windows 8/8.1/8.2/10 To install the Micromax 352G Modem Drivers in your Windows 8 PC, please follow the steps given below: Connect the modem to your PC.Open the f…

EasyBCD : Most reliable way to Dual Boot

EasyBCD is a free BCD (Boot Configuration Data)/Boot Menu editing software. It is very user friendly and you can add any entry manually to the BCD file or bootloader. It is laden with lots of features which are available only in other paid software. It is the best software to dual boot or multi boot your PC.
Its FeaturesAdds entry to the boot menu.Can make default any of the operating systems installed on your pc.Can be used to edit other boot options.Can boot any file from the memory or external drive.Supports Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
DownloadEasyBCD Latest Version
Tutorials to use EasyBCDHow to make entry for any OS in BCD or Bootloader Start EasyBCD >> Click on Add New Entry tab >> Under Operating Systems select the OS you want to add to the boot menu >> Mark Automatically detect correct drive or you can choose the drive manually >> Click on Add Entry button.
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How to make any OS default in the Bootloader or Boot Menu