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How to Run JAVA Mobile Games & Apps on Windows PC

Java J2ME On Windows
Java J2ME On Windows
If you want to try your JAVA games before installing them then you can do this on your Windows PC. It is possible to run JAVA J2ME Apps and Games on your Windows PC by using KEmulator. This software is a mobile game emulator which can emulate java mobile games and apps of ‘jar format’ on your Windows PC. It supports OpenGL Graphics Acceleration and MIDP 2.0. It uses the java plugin (JAVA Runtime Environment) installed in your PC to run these java applications. So it is important that the latest version of JAVA JRE (also called JAVA Runtime Environment) should be installed on your PC. If not, then you can download JAVA JRE from below links:

You can download the latest version of KEmulator for your Windows PC from the download link given below:
Size: 2.51MB

Minimum System Requirements for KEmulator

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10 (32 bit & 64 bit)
RAM: 256 MB
Graphics: OPEN GL
Extra Plugins: JAVA JRE


  • Easy to Use
  • Supports MIDP 2.0(JSR118)
  • Supports multiple Device UI
  • Supports OPEN GL Graphics Acceleration
  • Supports Custom Resolution


  • Cannot run jad files

How to Install KEmulator

  • Run the executable file downloaded from the above link to start the installation wizard.
  • Click Next button to continue and then it is recommended to change the destination folder to a drive other than ‘C’, because it runs better in other drives and crashes rarely. [In my opinion, this is because KEmulator runs better in FAT 32 file system than in NTFS.]
KEmulator-Installation-Choose Destination Folder
  • Then complete the installation by going through the installation wizard and get ready to launch your favourite J2ME Applications on your PC.

How to Launch JAVA Mobile Applications in KEmulator

In the Midlet of the menu bar click Load Jar and then browse for the java application or game you want to launch.

KEmulator-Load Jar
KEmulator-Launch JAVA Applications
KEmulator-Assassin's Creed Screenshot
KEmulator-Assassin's Creed Screenshot 800x480 mode

Other Customizations

KEmulator-Options and Properties
KEmulator-Options and Properties
For more customizations go to View of the menu bar and click the Options, then you can change the resolution (screen width and height), Device, FPS etc. according to the game requirement or your wish. KEmulator supports custom resolution; you can change the screen width and height to 480X800, 480X640, 600X1200 etc. according to your wish. Also you can rotate the screen to 90o from the View of menu bar to run a game in landscape mode. You can also change the controls from the KeyMap tab of Options & Properties.
Now enjoy your Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG Mobile Games on your Windows PC by using KEmulator.

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Do share your experiences, comment below.

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  1. I never knew before how to Run JAVA Mobile Games & Apps on Windows PC. After reading this post i have done successfully thanks for sharing tremendous tutorial.

    free war games

  2. kemulator not working in windows 7 what i've to do plz suggest me...

  3. Its not the fault of windows 7. Have u installed java runtime environment on ur pc? Follow the given steps correctly and try again.

  4. I cannot open kemulator on win xp. Pls give me any suggestions....

    1. Try installing in a drive having FAT 32 file system.

  5. Sme games dn,t work.after da games starts,keypad doesn,t work.i tried to customize,but failed.wht may be the problem,?(i downloaded games from umnet)

  6. I can't landscape java games. Please help me

    1. Yes, you can definitely do it. Just follow the following steps:
      Go to Options & Properties and change the screen width to the height's resolution and screen height's resolution to the width's resolution of the game.

  7. Can you give a better suggestion? KEmulator does not load games and softwares...

    1. KEmulator is the best. As I have said before, you have to install it in a directory with FAT file system, then it will not crash. If your computer doesn't have a FAT partition, then you can install it in your pendrive and enjoy the games.

  8. Indeed! It is the best way to run apps on the personal computer. Thank you very much for the sharing and just keep up the good work.

  9. can anyone send the source of KEmulator please...its good software :))

  10. can i install ke on a 128gb flash drive and run it in pc also would the games be on pc or with emulator on flash drive

    1. Yeah you can try once. Games installed will be inside flash drive.

  11. hi does anyone know where to get nintendo ds roms sorry bit random thanks

  12. what website do u use to get old java games? it has to have a variety of different games not just a couple


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