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Easiest Way to Download Torrent Files with Internet Download Manager (IDM) for Free

Everyone gets annoyed with the slow downloading speed of Torrent Files. When the file is large it becomes unbearable to wait. So today I am going share with you a trick to download torrent files easily an effectively with IDM.
However I have shared a basic tutorial ‘How to download torrent files?‘, but this tutorial is much useful than that for weak and large torrent files.

>>View this Infographic for easy understanding.
You can download torrent files under 1 GB easily with IDM by the help of absolutely free. You don’t need to make an account for temporary purpose.

Just follow the below steps: Open and you will see the homepage similar to the image below:

Paste link to a torrent file or upload a .torrent file from your PC as shown above.After that click on the ‘Go’ buttonThen it will cache the torrent file (in other words it will download it on its servers), so you have to wait for some time. Screenshot below:

When caching will be finished, click on the ‘.zip’…

How to stop unnecessary usage of 3G and GPRS Data by Windows 8

Windows 8 is made for those who mostly work on Wi-Fi or use time limited data packs, especially 3G. But those who use space limited data packs (e.g. 2gb @ x money), it becomes difficult for them to work on Windows 8 peacefully because Windows 8 uses a big part of it in background and also in foreground and very little is left for us to use. It becomes a total wastage of money to surf internet on Windows 8. Those who use 2G net, their data speed slow down because of the background activities of Windows 8. So, to cope up with these problems, today I am going to tell you some steps by which you can minimise or even stop unnecessary gprs or packet data usage in Windows 8 or 8.1.
Step 1You’ll find live tiles in the start menu for the apps such as news, sports, maps etc. which use internet each and every time you connect to internet. So, go to start >>right click on the live tile>>click  Turn live tile off.

Step 2Windows 8 updates more than any other version of windows. It starts d…

How to run Playstation 1 (PSX) Games on Android

We are playing a lot of HD Games on our Android Smartphones but we cannot forget the Playstation1 or PSX games. Now we don’t need any other device to play Playstation Games because we can run them on our Android Device itself. FPSe is an android app which can emulate PSX Games on Android. It works very fine and quite fast. It is compatible to almost all Android devices. It supports multiple resolutions. It is compatible with G-Sensor, touchscreen and hardware keys. It supports OpenGL by an external plugin. Also you can create ISO of your favorite game using this app. Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 2.1/ Android 2.3 Gingerbread/ Android 4.0 ICS/ Android 4.1Jelly Bean Advantages Good performance and compatibilityGood sound qualityAnalog Joystick EmulationSupports .img, .bin, .cue, .nrg, .iso, .mdf and .Z discDisadvantages Required to download the bios file - scph1001.binDownloadFree download FPSe from the below links:
Download FPse latest version (Google Play)
Free Download FPse URL http://…